Summer Knitty Kitty V1 & V2 Test Knitter Application

Hello all! Hope you’re doing fine. Thanks for having a look at this page. I am currently looking for test knitters for my first ever pattern! I am super excited. It is a cropped summer top, knitted with 2 DK held together or a marled variation with 1 DK and 2 Alpaca/Mohair held together.

About the pattern
The pattern is beginner friendly. Techniques used are:
Knit, Purl, K2tog, YO, CO, BO, Applied I-cord border, SSK

10mm circular needles & 10mm DPN if you don’t have interchangeable needles

9 stitches x 11 rows, 10x10cm/4×4”
10mm circular needles stockinette knitted in round

There are six sizes. Ideally I would like a knitter or two per size.

Double DK Version

For the DK yarn, I’ve used Billie Jean Yarn from Wool and the Gang and also Hobbii’s Organic Cotton 8/8. Feel free to substitute it with whatever you think will reach the gauge. Ideally a cotton yarn would be great since it is more of a Spring/Summer knit.

XS : Approximately 290m/315yards
S: Approximately 340m/370yards
M: Approximately 395m/430yards
L: Approximately 460m/503yards
XL: Approximately 535m/585yards
2XL: Approximately 620m/670yards
3XL: Approximately 679m/742yards

DK and Alpaca Version
The alpaca version is knitted using 1 strand of DK yarn and 2 strands of lace Alpaca Silk. 

Yarns that were used for this version:

DK – Billie Jean Yarn by Wool and the Gang
Alpaca Silk – Indiecita Baby Suri Silk Brushed

Feel free to substitute whatever yarn you go to reach gauge

XS : Approximately 150m/163yds DK Yarn + 230m/252yds Alpaca Silk Lace Yarn
S: Approximately 173m/190yds DK Yarn + 313m/343yds Alpaca Silk Lace Yarn
M: Approximately 203m/222yds DK Yarn + 385m/422yds Alpaca Silk Lace Yarn
L: Approximately 238m/260yds DK Yarn + 459m/502yds Alpaca Silk Lace Yarn
XL: Approximately 276m/302yds DK Yarn + 503m/551yds Alpaca Silk Lace Yarn
2XL: Approximately 316m/346yds DK Yarn + 616m/674yds Alpaca Silk Lace Yarn
3XL: Approximately 350m/383yds DK Yarn + 675m/739yds Alpaca Silk Lace Yarn

5th December. It’s a super speedy knit, and you can probably complete it in a day or two. If you can’t make the dateline do let me know.

Have you test knitted before?(Required)
I would love for you to publish the photos of your knit after you are done, so preferably a public insta account 🙂
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