vests and all things vests related.


this was a trial to see how vests work. that yellow collar though…..


now that I know how to make a vest, i’m gonna make a version of a vest that I would wear everyday


I accidentally made this one a little small. that’s the problem with slip stitches, you never know until you knit it. i’m also too lazy to knit gauges. My close friend Alex and Kira (the one in the photo) came and visit and caught Kira’s eye. It fit Kira so perfectly! I’m glad it all worked out in the end


it was easter and I went camping with a bunch of friends. eat, knit and drink. That was the routine for the next couple of days. We did have a little trek though. I did most of the cooking and really enjoyed it. Anyway, this was made during my trip at the Yarra ranges. Rubicon, what a weird name.